Teoxane Post Procedure


Teoxane Post Procedure

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An effective formula containing anti-inflammatory ingredients



Teoxane Post Procedure is a fluid to aid the healing process of the skin following treatments such as dermal filler injections and laser treatments.

Skin is left feeling soothed, revitalised and quickly recovered following application of Teoxane Post procedure.

Ingredients provide anti-inflammatory results and anti-bacterial properties to help prevent skin infection.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 100 ml Teoxane Post Procedure

Teoxane promise no Parabens and no Phenoxyethanol in their range of cosmetics.

Active ingredients include Arnica, Antarticine, Neurazen and Chlorexidine Digluconate.

What are the Benefits of Teoxane Post Procedure?

Teoxane Post Procedure is recommended for healing delicate skin  exposed to cosmetic treatments

How should I use Teoxane Post Procedure?

Use generously where required. Use for 5 days following treatment and alongside Deep Repair Balm for best results.


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