Juvederm ULTRA 3


Juvederm ULTRA 3




Juvederm ULTRA 3 is available in a pack of two 1ml prefilled syringes and four 27G ½” needles. It is injected into the skin (only by a qualified and trained clinician) to fill and treat:

Medium to deep facial wrinkles
Lips that need more volume or a better-defined contour
Skin depressions on the face

This purified HA filler is particularly suitable for the correction of marionette lines and nasolabial folds.
A new generation of technology

Results after a single treatment with Juvederm ULTRA 3 last for up to 12 months which is remarkable for a product of this class. That is because similar to many other injectables by this brand, this one was also manufactured with the use of an innovative production method known as “Hylacross Technology.” The advantages offered by it are:

Natural-looking results
A gel that is malleable and soft thus easy to inject
A treatment fully personalized to meet the needs and expectations of the patient

Unlike other advanced HA fillers that are FDA-approved, this one relies on a smooth formulation rather than on a formulation based on gel particles suspension.



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